Nicola Thibault

Stylist 2008 to Present, Wedding Coordinator

My entire life, I have been passionate about all avenues of fashion, including hair styling. Growing up at Hair Mechanix watching my mother and father work and make people so happy and beautiful and to be so creative was so remarkable to me, I knew I wanted to be just like them. Being creative with my clients & being able to look at someone or get to know someone’s personality, as well as needs and wants in a style and having clients that put their whole trust in you, is truly rewarding! I am nationally color certified and will give all my clients 110%, all the time, every time and always feel free to ask me anything about your style. I am always willing to "teach" someone any little tricks I have and I always will educate my clients with any knowledge that I have as a professional.


  • Wednesday 9-5
  • Thursday 12-8
  • Friday 9-5
  • Saturday 8-3:30

Recent Work