Hair Cutting

At Hair Mechanix, we cut differently than you may be familiar with, we use a cutting technique like no other. Hair cutting was based on architectural designing over the years and as we know architecture has become "cookie cutter" rather than customized or imaginative. This cutting technique works exact to the shape of your head. The stylist is much more an artist working with the lines and curves of your head and the texture of your hair. Our hair cuts reflect your image rather than one out of a magazine. Custom Tailored and designed specifically for you. You know...IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! 

Our Supreme Hair Cuts Include All Of The Following:

  • Complete Consultation
  • Shampoo With Our Clarifying Treatment
  • Relaxing Hot Towel Neck & Scalp Massage
  • Hair Cut, Blow Dry & Finishing Touches

Pricing as follows for stylist:

  • Debbie Bryant: $48.00
  • Debbie Lee Lindsey: $43.00
  • Nicola Thibault: $48.00
  • Danielle Fountain: $43.00
  • Allie: $29.50
  • Hailey: $29.50

Shampoo and "Set"

Clarifying Shampoo, Hot Towel, Neck Massage and finishing touches starting at $22.00- $31.00. (10% Senior Discount.)

As our schedules can be quite busy we strive to stay on schedule, so we do not inconvenience our clients with having to wait. Our clients time is very important to us. As stylists, our time is very important to us to maintain our schedules. Here at Hair Mechanix, if you miss 2 appointments with out 24 hour notice your following appointment will have to be paid for in advance. Thank you for your understanding.